Enjoy the Tour in Data Minning

What is DaPy?

DaPy is a Python package providing efficiency and readily usable data structures designed by Python original data strucutres. It aims to be a fundamental and friendly tools for real-world data processing.

Why use DaPy?

Convinience and efficiency are the cornerstone of DaPy. In contrast with other libraries, using DaPy is more fluently and naturally while you are doing data mining. With DaPy help, scientists can fluently implements their ideas without the limitation of complex syntax.

Who use DaPy?

DaPy is a powerful and flexible data processing tools, therefore everyone who has the demand in data mining can be a user of DaPy. DaPy can help an expert develop and testify their own method quickly, can help reserachers handle their data conviniencetly, and help a novice complete a heavy data task in a short time.


Something DaPy does well

Manage Data

Efficiently manage diverse data with clearly perceiving approach.

Operate Data

Quick insert and delete a mount of new records or new variables.

Access Data

Make it easy to access a part of your dataset, not only by index or variable names, but also by specefic conditions.

Flexible I/O Tool

Functional I/O tools for loading data from CSV, Excel, database and even SPSS and support Chinese data source.

Sort Data

Sort records by multiple conditions in a linear growth time-consuming situation.

Built-in Model

Fast verify your ideas with built-in models.